Cysylltu gyda'r Penaethiaid Blwyddyn a'r Tîm Lles
Contacting the Heads of Year & the Welfare Team
Cysylltu gyda'r Tîm Lles - Cyfnod Cau
 Contact the Welfare Team In the event of Lockdown

Llinell Gymorth - Helpline
07903 734649

Os oes angen siarad gydag aelod o staff i drafod problem mewn argyfwng, gallwch ffonio neu textio'r rhif uchod.

The school will operate an emergency helpline for any families and pupils who require assistance. The line will be open from 9am until 5pm each day. Any families who would like support, advice or guidance are encouraged to call us - we are here to help. 

Blwyddyn 7 - Ms Leana Stansfield-Davies

Blwyddyn 8 - Mr Rhodri Jones

Blwyddyn 9 - Mrs Bethan Williams-Thomas

Blwyddyn 10 - Mrs Hefina Morgan

Blwyddyn 11 - Mr Gareth Morgan

Blwyddyn 12/13 - Miss Laura Sweet a Miss Sophie Spillane

Mrs Lowri Thomas

Mrs Leanne Evans

Mr Anthony Trow

Miss Elin Blake

Mr Arwel James (Assistant Head)